Working in Brunei Darussalam 2013.

 Geology Log | From Edited

Currently, I am working on drilling rigs onshore location, in Brunei Darussalam. Companies that use my services as a wellsite geologist, is a corporation of the Canadian state. They hired me, to supervise and control the quality of the geological data during the drilling of two exploration wells. Accommodation provided is adequate and standard course, which I complained about was the food provided is very poor both in taste and serve; made ​​me to file complaints to my supervisor. I feel really miserable, if the meal has arrived. No appetizers, no fresh fruit and served cold with no taste of spicy and delicious et all.

  Caving rocks from 1450m of directional hole depth | From Edited

Actually, this exploration well drilling, has been met with considerable expert services and tools drilling tools are quite sophisticated. Lack of communication and limp between field workers and supervisors, then drilling operations here to be slow and hobbled. Plus, some of the problems that extend days of well drilling operations.

Milky Way in Brunei | From Edited

Photography and drawing is my only entertainment here. Some of the shots I sent to office personnel, as a “guest” in their report. Some shots include: self photo quadruplets, “thickened” lake, MPD drilling equipment, still life, star of “milky way”.

“We” are all wellsite geologists | From Edited
Tasek Merimbun, Brunei Darussalam. | From Edited

I might be able to go back home to my family after the Eid-ul-Fitr, there is nothing more joyful than to return to his beloved family.

Drawing by Coreldraw X4 | From Edited

Sad Agus
Wellsite Geologist Consultant
Hobby Photographer
Brunei Darussalam, July 2013.

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