Reprocessing, is this necessary?

From Photo_2014

Last year, I made ​​a lot of shooting in nature, the south coast, Mount Bromo and Yogyakarta. In the last 6 months, I observed the results of my shots look less good, although I’ve been using a Nikon D800 and a fast wide-angle lens. I learned a lot from the shooting, mostly an error in the post-processing stage.
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Trip to Klayar Beach

From Klayar Beach

After looked Klayar beach on the internet, makes me really intend to go to this beach. Check the map and route from Yogyakarta to Klayar and Pacitan. I prepared all my gear, put Nikon D800 and D80 infrared into my Lower Pro bag. Together with my wife and daughter, I slid into the southbound lanes, through Piyungan – Wonosari – Pracimantoro – Klayar Beach. The condition of the road from the main road towards the beach is quite narrow and pretty good condition, so if passed by another vehicle from the opposite direction had to be careful. keep on reading