Shooting Fireworks

New Year 2018 Fireworks

Shooting fireworks have certain tips and tricks, so the photos can look beautiful and festive but not “chaotic”.

  1. Determine the position where you will shoot, high level should be better considering the fireworks will explode and look around 10 meter to 30 meter above ground level. If possible include other subjects / points of interest as a complement and comparison of fireworks explosions. For example building, tower, any tree, or bridge.
  2. Gear / equipment, use LENS with focal length wide zoom or normal zoom, the use of this lens depending on where we take the picture, you may use tele lens if you get couple hundreds meter from firing point. Takes a sturdy tripod and cable release / remote, to avoid to shake and make you easy to shoots.
  3. Use Low ISO as possible, you may slight high up, for example if your camera native ISO 100, change to around between 200 – 400 for example.
  4. Disable Long Exposure “Noise reduction”, to sharpen the results of fireworks explosions, moreover to speed up multi shot of severe frame retrieval.
  5. Pre focusing and Camera setting. Use “Manual” Shooting Mode, with setting initial aperture f/8. Set the lens to manual focus, try to set focus to near point / spot around or side of firework before shooting. Shutter speed use “Bulb” mode. Attached ND filter to your lens if necessary or if you manual shutter speed set faster than 2 seconds, so you will get longer shutter speed. Bear in mind, you have to get shutter speed about 10 seconds.
  6. Positioning and Pre shooting. Before photographing, do not forget to check and occupy the expected location for the composition and position according to our shadow. Perform a pre shooting to experiment, start at 4 seconds, f/8, ISO100, and then check its histogram, making sure the result is slightly “under” exposure, about -1 to -2 stops by changing the lens aperture (f number). Remember when fireworks are lit, then the camera setting will definitely be brighter.
  7. Shooting, take the camera on a tripod with cable release which connected. Be sure of Manual shooting mode with pre focusing, aperture, ISO, shutter at “bulb” mode. When fireworks explode, press the “Bulb” shutter, until the one or two explosions flames run out, just release the shutter release. Do it several times and try to move position if there is chance and do not forget to check your histogram.

Happy shooting and have fun.

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