Riyadi’s Spot

Spot Riyadi
Riyadi’s Spot Juni 2017

Riyadi’s Spot is the strategic location of the photographers in the south of Prambanan Temple; Who want to photograph the sunrise towards Mount Lawu or Mount Merapi, or photographing Prambanan Temple from the south side at the top of the hill.


The exact location is on front yard of Mr. Riyad’s housei, on the hill south of Prambanan Temple. Route from Yogyakarta, is – Yogyakarta – Jalan Solo – towards Prambanan Temple – Up to the red light junction before Prambanan Temple – Turn to Right (to the South) – Prambanan Piyungan Road – about 100m across the railroad – (Abhayagiri Restaurant way) – If you are using a motorcycle after the Abhayagiri Restaurant corner, you can take a shortcut to turn left, but if you use a car, then you have to follow the road and a bit take way around, follow the concrete path (parallel two tracks), all there is a pointer towards the “Spot Riyadi”. In this location, there is ample parking, and Riyadi’s restaurant.

Detail Location

Detail location on google map below:
You may to see detail my journey link below:

Spot Riyadi Trip by Garmin

Landscape Photography
Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple from Spot Riyadi, EXIF: 500mm, 1″, f/16, ISO64

To photograph Prambanan Temple from this location, you need a telephoto lens with a minimum focal length of 300mm, ideally 500-600mm. And try to come before sunrise, so you can prepare the shooting point, tripod and other equipment. Usually in this spot, the state of the plains below will be shrouded in mist. Wait for the times where the Prambanan Temple body has begun to appear in the morning mist. Moment where the emergence of this temple, depending on the weather conditions at that time, but maybe as a benchmark your camera should be ready and waiting from 5:30 am. While waiting, you can enjoy coffee and traditional Java snacks, Indonesia spicy fried rice at Riyadi’s coffee shop.

Spot Riyadi’s Sunrise Time Lapse below,

We may use a normal or wide angle lens (24-70mm) or kit lens (18-55mm) alternatively, then at sunrise you can shoot somewhat to the northeast, the direction where the sun and north Mount Merapi with wide panorama format.

Merapi View from Spot Riyadi, EXIF: 26mm, 13″, f/11, ISO64
About Riyadi’s Spot

This spot located at most corner northern peak, crossed by turned road. The Boko hills can be seen from Prambanan as well. Since 2002, this spot began popular as photography spot, but it was still not popular yet until 2010 and hard to get in cause of bad road condition at that period, especially in raining season, then Mr. Riyadi started to open small traditional coffee shop for his small business. Its free place, you just give charity into “parking wooden box” about $1. In 2013, Government built the small concrete road from Abhayagiri Restaurant to this spot, now a lot of visitors come by and they are local students, photographers or local tourist.

All photos in this page, been taken by myself in June 2017.

Sad Agus Photography©, Copyright 2017.


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