Moment trap

Have you seen the photo which taken of one protester standing at front of military tank? or a wild animal closely with camera? or one closeup basket ball player hand freeze before slam dunk? For me, the one difficult and challenge photo is shooting in right time and right place. There are some trick and we could do to avoid missing of the moment which I called TRAPPING, such as:

1. MANUAL TRAP, this method is the most challenging and difficult that we have to wait a moment while camera ready on hand. If there any tendency or indication moment will be happen, then the camera should be pointed out to the scene. Hence, we should be prepare of our position to get better light and composition before in hand.

2. TIME TRAP, is one most easy way to do it which set your internal camera menu in “interval shot” or “timelapse” mode.You may to do with smartphone or electronic remote trigger. This method well known for astronomy photographer, videographer or Cityscape photographer when they are shooting of star trail, recording of sunset timelapse, progressing infrastructure record in timelapse.

3. FOCUS TRAP, I was amazed of Nikon D3 when first launch because of this feature. This method is very powerful for human interest, sport, wildlife, street photography and easy to setup thru internal camera menu with AF lens available. The success of this method is depending how fast AF your lens, availability of your DSLR feature and lighting situation of the scene. Some cameras and AF lenses have limitation of AF performance in low light conditions. This method works by activated your “AF On” button instead of your shutter focusing button. Then change “AF Priority Selection” to Focus in camera shooting menu. Set focus point in certain scene and wait the subject pass to the scene while press and hold shutter button when moment is going to happen.

Focus trap
Focus trap

4. MOVEMENT TRAP, with infrared sensor trigger electronically or string trigger mechanically, we could taking frame of the subject when they are passing it. Personally, I don’t have any experience with this method, but I will appreciate if you share with me.

5. LIGHT TRAP, lighting sensor connected to the camera will trigger the camera when light intensity flagged in the scene. Its useful to trap of lightning or fireworks moment. Some smartphone and computer applications are suitable for this method. Unfortunately the triggertrap applications company which the one known will close and discontinue the product.

If there is other method you know and share your experience, please don’t hesitate to drop your email for our lesson learn together.

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