Macro Photography with Flash Gun

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In last few days, I have been trying to shoot macro photos using the single SB800 flash gun, the 60mm f/2.8D AF lens and the camera body Nikon D3. Since I do not have a flash trigger, so I place the external flash gun on the camera body.

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I use flash’s setting as TTL-FP-BL mode to reduce the power of -2 EV, to avoid too harsh light on the insect’s body, while reducing its exposure in the background, in addition – you do not have to use a tripod because the shutter speed of 1/60s with micro lens 60mm photos that will fast enough to avoid blurry result, as long as you are not too shake your camera when you press the shutter button. The result …? With exceptional detail and objects clearly captured…!

From Picasa blog

I still do the processing to increase the sharpness and set the curve, but this time much more easily than with natural lighting from the sun.
The cons of using the flash gun in macro photography that noted are:

  1. You must be approached slowly in insects, because the appearance of additional flash gun can be daunting for most insects.
  2. Results overall picture will look darker and sometimes result in harsher colors. So do the experiment by yourself with the power of the flash with the variation of the EV value.
  3. If you shoot a lot, then you should prepare a backup battery or external power pack for your flash gun.
From Picasa blog

All photos in this article are the result of a shot using the Nikon D3, AF Micro 60mm f/2.8, SB800 flash gun and handhelds.

Happy shooting,
Sad Agus
Nikon D3
Nikkor AF Micro 60mm f/2.8D
Nikon Flash Gun SB800

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