Learn from Mistakes

List of my mistake

Photo above is not to show off photos of my photographic gear, but the image is reminiscent of some of the mistakes I made when I travel to Siung, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta for landscape photography session. Here is some mistaken I did:

(1) Too Late depart, this is a factor of my most fatal mistake, leaving at 2pm, traveling 2 hours, so up on the beach location is already 4pm, not to mention to the photo’s location. As a result I had to hurry and let me not think clearly in doing a photo session after arriving at the beach

(2) Wrong route / track, I brought my GPS only use when driving to the beach location. In fact, I was supposed to use GPS to get to all points at the beach location, as a result I wrong tracked where I was walked hike up and down the hillside steep twisting to get on the beach, plus more haste, I slipped at the end of hill (see photo my toes scratched).

Wrong Route
Wrong Route

(3) Not use the lens properly, I did not use a telephoto lens aiming coastal landscape from the top of the hill, although there was a fisherman was fishing and walking at shoreline. Likewise my favourite lens, Carl Zeiss 2.8 / 25mm Distagon 58mm which has a filter thread, I did not use it because I forgot to take a step-up adapter 58mm – 77mm for 100mm filter Haida. So I have to frequently move 28mm lens in between two cameras body that I used the Nikon D800 and Nikon FM2, this is a lot of waste of my time.

No Foreground

(4) No foreground, the photo above is not memorable “wow” because there is no foreground. I brought seashells and a flashlight that I can use to shoot as foreground object. In addition, I should be able to be in front of the rocks as foreground too.

However, I will try to fix the error and planned to return to Siung beach and Jogan beach in short time. It is a learning process that had to be got in the way. Technically, I probably could to shoot landscapes, but it makes an element of “wow” in the photograph landscapes is a challenge.

Happy clicking and share your thought,

Sad Agus (Digital & Analog Photographer).

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