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My job this time is to supervise and conduct observations of sediment layers containing oil on drilling rig in the coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Drilling oil wells is an important thing for the company I work for, because drilling is to know the content of the oil in the reservoir section the other side. Even platform to suck oil out to surface have been installed and are being prepared.

This time, Management asked me to take a picture of this platform, which is attached with drilling rig where I am working on. This drilling rig, this time in charge of drilling multiple horizontal wellbore. When I met the head of the company’s drilling supervisor, he asked me if I bring my digital camera, I said: “Sorry, if I do not bring it this time.”

From Landscape

Finally, after worked on drilling preparation one of oil well, then Drilling Supervisor allowed me to use the Nikon Coolpix S3600 compact camera and booked me to one crew boat to take some pictures around the drilling rig. I told Captain Ship to maneuver to west side of the drilling rig, so the shots are not “against” sun. For me, some of the shots was not disappointing and quite well.

From Landscape

After take editing some shots in the Macbook Air and get these done, then emailed them to management officer. That’s a bit of my experience working other than as a geologist in the oil drilling rig, as well as amateur photographers.

Enjoy the pictures,
Sad Agus
Wellsite Geologist Consultant
Peninsular Malaysia
November 2014

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