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Human Interest Tips

This morning I learned and shot photo of HUMAN INTEREST in traditional market. There are many lessons to be taken, in order to make human and activity photos better, there are:

  1. To avoid losing the moment, try setting the camera with “P” (programable) mode, in this setting is different from “Auto” because in “Program” mode, we can change the focal point, exposure compensation, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, the camera will make “adjustments” by itself.
  2. Observe the Light and its reflections. The light that comes when it can tilt on the subject, if lucky find a secondary light of reflection. This reflection can come from objects around the subject, such as bright merchandise bouncing off the face, or sunlight bouncing against the wall of the face, or wet roads, can also bounce off.
  3. Moment and Shooting Position. Find the position of shooting so that, the background position has a high contrast and where the moment is obviously most likely there is activity. For example: a trader or a buyer who trades in front of a shop.
  4. Low profile and patient, do not be too flashy when shooting, try in the position somewhat on the edge of the hall, the road, etc. Be patient waiting for the moment at the expected point. If necessary focus on the area of the previous moment. Failed to try is a must, to achieve better results.
  5. Mix with the environment and stay alert, keep smiling and answering if addressed. Because the market is a place of people all sorts.

Good luck and let’s not give up, as delivered by one of my friend. Human interest shooting is NOT EASY that I thought, just do it and often practice and fix it immediately. However, if you want to create a “SPECTACULAR” photo, your learning and practice should also be “SPECTACULAR”.

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