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New face of sadagus.com

I have been updating my personal official website page since a week ago. Its changes include:

  1. Clean, fresh and simple, I keep the “slideshow” view of 10 photos that I consider the best. There are three (3) simple section, they are photo blog, portfolio and extra site.
  2. Increase the links, few links to the photo portfolio page on microstock, flickr and 500px, in addition I also add my video portfolio in shutterstock and youtube.
  3. On the “extra” page, I added two links: the presentation page on “travel photography” and Seno Atmodjo family tree site.

Creating a website page is actually not difficult, but requires thoroughness and patience, with basic knowledge of website page layout generally. I used Adobe Dreamweaver software before, then moved to Adobe Muse which is more easily and without having to enter html code. All of its elements and widgets are more than enough to build a personal website. Another advantage is Adobe Muse provides layouts for creating web versions of Desktop, tablet and mobile phones, called “responsive layouts”, so visitors who use different gadgets can access according to the screen size.

Benefits and advantages in owning a personal website, including:

  1. Less expensive, let’s compare if we have a business, then put an ad in the media TV, Radio and other electronics; will cost very high. For a website and domain, I only spend IDR 2 million fee for the two-year.
  2. Ads continuously, the more we distribute information about our website, the more people come to visit and this can be a continuous ads without end.
  3. Satisfaction, having your own website has its own pride and satisfaction. We can create any page, whether collection of photos, videos, writing, interesting pictures, science and many interesting, useful things. All that can be shared in social media thru friends in worldwide.
  4. Easy access and always new, fast. The website pages can be visited from anywhere and anytime {24/7). In fact we can write articles, upload photos and instantly can be seen on our website page quickly.
  5. Containers “Links”, the website pages can be “linked” with dozens, dozens to other web pages. The best works, the latest products and the latest information will add value to the website pages.
  6. Build opportunities, networks and ideas. Social relations, opportunities are more open and they just do not come, promotion, dissemination of information about the website itself is the key; and it will all bring up new ideas.
  7. Works endlessly. Always updating the content, whether it’s interesting photos, useful articles is the thing that interests me and definitely improves the ability in photography and writing.

Please visit my ~ Official Website at http://sadagus.com

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