Haida 150mm Filter System

Haida 150mm Filter System

Haida 150mm filter system is a Lens filter system created by Haida Company, a company located in Ningbo, China, the system is made to provide some ultra wide lens, like the Nikon 14-24mm f / 2.8, Sigma 20mm f / 1.4, Tamron 15- 30mm f / 2.8, Canon 11-24mm 4L USM, Nikon 14mm f / 2.8D, where the lens does not have all the conventional filter thread on the front lens.

Basically, the filter system consists of two parts: the first part, filter HOLDER and the second part filter Gazette. Part holder may consist of several parts of the set ring and clamp filter circuit. While its filter sheet, is a sheet of glass / resin which can be bought separately and tailored to the needs, eg Gradual ND, ND stops 3x, 6x stops, 10x stops, etc. Both this section can be seen in the photo below.

Haida 150mm Filter System


In this filter system, I give an example of how to install this filter system on the Nikon 14-24mm f / 2.8g ED lens, the other lens could be different way to install.

1. Holder Installation, you need to do is remove its lens from the camera body once, then insert the first ring holder on the rear of the lens body. Combine with the center by turning the screw (thread) on the second part of the holder, make sure the front camera lens hood into the part. After a round screw tight enough, then the lens can be mounted on the camera body. At this stage, you keep this holder on its lens during the trip and is inside a camera bag. (See photo below)

Pemasangan Filter HOLDER

2. Filter’s Clamp, before taking the picture, attach a sheet of filter required may be one or two filters stacked on the filter’s clamp, by sliding and enter into his brace, then after his mounted filter, this filter plug clamp (already existing filter ) to its holder on the lens. Once installed it is ready to do your photo shooting.

Complete Set after installation

Tips and Tricks

1. Be careful in installing / removing the sheet filter to / from its clamp, make sure when enter in the flat position and parallel to the rail of his holder. To prevent damage to the clamp and its filter sheets. Remember 150mm sheet filter system is not the cheap stuff.

2. Make sure you install the holder on the lens when you are still at home, while the clamp and its filter can be installed while location shooting. This is to avoid its lost your time while shooting and prevent of the entry of dust into the camera’s sensor when you uninstall and install ultra wide lens.

3. Bring a lens cleaning cloth for cleaning your front glass of ultra wide lens and filters, given the ultra wide lens front most convex and large, as well as your filter is relatively large, it will quickly get dirty easily during a photo shooting session.

4. Do the experiment yourself, how to influence the outcome filter your photos with different the camera settings, and try with different weather condition. Never was in a hurry, but do it slowly, accurately and surely. Discover your own style and pattern.

Assigned Location

Watu Bolong beach as assigned photo shot location, is located exactly on the east side Drini Beach, which is one of the southern Java coast range that Baron beach. Approximately 2-3 hours by car or motobike can be reached from the city center, with the route, Yogyakarta – Road Wonosasri – Piyungan – Wonosari – Baron coast highway – Drini Beach. Forwarded by walking along the footpath from the Drini Beach.


This Landscape photo assignment purpose to try the result of Haida 150mm new filter system that I bought at a local camera store in Yogyakarta. Filter system that I use here is reserved for Ultra Wide Lens AFS Nikon 14-24mm f / 2.8g ED.

Haida 150mm filter system

For those who are new to wear this system, do not get confused because all there in the instructions leaflet, is the installation of this filter system requires us to remove the lens from the camera body much earlier, so that its holder can be rotated and paired with its filter holder.

After that, the new camera can be screwed into its body and its replaceable filter. His own Filter Sheets standard width of 150mm and can be paired 2-3 layers at once, for example GND filter stacked with ND filter.

Real World Results

Here is below sample shots landscape photo in Watu Bolong Beach, included camera settings (EXIF),

, f/8, 30secs, 15mm, ISO100
f/8, 30secs, 14mm, ISO100
f/13, 10secs, 14mm, ISO100
Happy hunting and enjoy it,
Sad Agus PHOTOGRAPHY, 2016

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