Analogue Photography

Nikon FM10 and 35mm Film
Nikon FM10 and 35mm Film

Since last month, I got interested to try out the black and white photography as most fellow professional photographer has a black and white photo gallery in portfolio. keep on reading

Reprocessing, is this necessary?

From Photo_2014

Last year, I made ​​a lot of shooting in nature, the south coast, Mount Bromo and Yogyakarta. In the last 6 months, I observed the results of my shots look less good, although I’ve been using a Nikon D800 and a fast wide-angle lens. I learned a lot from the shooting, mostly an error in the post-processing stage.
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Macro Photos of the Month

From Macro_2013

It’s been a week, I can not take the chance to shoot landscape photos; due to rain in the Yogyakarta area every afternoon. So I do macro photography session in the front yard alone. Here are some choice shots my macro photos, they were shot with a Nikon D800 and D3, the 60mm f/2.8D AF lens. All photos here are the result of post processing and without focus stacking process. keep on reading