Google Photo HTML Link Problem

I’m having trouble making html link on the photographs which I will include in my blog articles. For a while I decided to give with link source of Nikon Image Space.
Here’s an example link from Nikon Image Space site:

Finally, after get searching some website, I’ve got to put my google photo into my blog here. It’s simple. keep on reading

Learning AutoCAD

From AutoCAD_img

Already a month, I have been interesting in CAD ​​software, AutoCAD for Mac, of course, because I do run-based Mac computers. At first I was keen to draw a drill bit with CorelDraw X4 and some of forms of 3-D drilling equipment and oil drilling rigs. All the equipment I can easily see at work sites for real examples. Turns draw 3D objects with regular drawing program like CorelDraw is not easy and many have limitations. keep on reading

Trip to Bromo Vulcano

Bromo Vulcano

From Bromo_2013

My trip to Bromo Vulcano is the my best trip in Java with my wife so far. Departed from Yogyakarta to Malang, we stay overnight in Batu, Malang city, visit awesome waterfall, called Cobanrondo. Its located in Batu area too, about 4km away from the entrance of the main road route Batu – Malang city. With a height of about 30m, the water that falls heavy enough to form water droplets of dew and smooth. Somewhat difficult to approach the target at close range, because the lens will be exposed to water fine splashes. keep on reading