Barede’s Spot

Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple in Foggy Morning

Barede’s Spot (Bukit Barede) located at west of Borobudur temple, actually at the east of Punthuk Setumbu’s Spot. This location as alternative photography spot which we can see beauty sunrise at Merapi – Merabu Volcano background and Borobudur temple foggy / misty morning. I would to prefer go here, instead Punthuk Setumbu’s Spot cause closer from there parking area and not too many people / tourist come around. I came earlier morning, so I did more free to choose my shooting spot.

Route from Yogyakarta

From Yogyakarta city, drive to North – Jalan Magelang (to Magelang City main road) – Muntilan City – Turn to left (traffic light) – to Borobudur temple main road – until you reach small primary school (SD Ringin Putih) – then follow small road – you should see “Welcome to Desa Karangrejo” small board (Selamat Datang di Desa Karangrejo) – finally find Bukit Barede Parking Area. You may to check and follow my track with Garmin GPS below:

Track to Bukit Barede Spot

Detail location in google map as below,
At the parking lot, we will be greeted by several guide people, who are locals about 10 people each turn. They dressed in Javanese customs using Batik Gloves, Blangkon hats, and lurik clothes. Everything is friendly and willing to help bring extra goods, great again they do not set tariffs or ask for money. Continued walking uphill, its about 200 stairs up.

The morning weather is often shrouded in thick fog until 7:30, the sun began rising in June 2017 is around 6:10AM. I can imagine if the weather is not foggy, then this sunrise is definitely beautiful. Although there is a thick fog, still the beauty of the sunrise from the spot here still beautiful.

Here is Sunrise Time Lapse,

All photos here taken by myself with long tele lens and zoom lens.

Sad Agus Photography, ©Copyright 2017.

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