Aerial Photography & Videography with Drone

My House from the air | From Drone

Several years ago, I was amazed and flabbergasted that someone who can shoot of Prambanan temple, tall buildings in Jakarta city from the air. Looked absolutely stunning; perhaps this is because we rarely see the appearance of the land, another object within a relatively close distance. I desire to know more about the aerial photography, led to the unmanned aircraft equipment, which is often called “Drone”.


DJI Phantom 3 Professional | From Drone

In recent months, Drone no longer high price which was more than $2000. And recently it’s only view hundreds dollars for simple Drone. This is due to the rapid advancement of technology and the many research and development in this device. However the price of Drone still fairly expensive for general photographer or videographer enthusiasts in Indonesia. The most inexpensive price drones that can be attached with GoPro cameras costing nearly  US$1,000. There are several Drone below US$500, but of course with the limitations of the camera resolution and duration of flying time. Modern drones and for amateurs, usually have a battery power source that can hold up to fly approximately 20 minutes – 25 minutes.


4K Camera | From Drone

Equipped with a tiny camera attached to the bottom with a flexible holder called Gimbal; which can rotate up, down; some are able to rotate left, right to 360 degrees. The most popular today is the camera drones that can achieve 4K resolution (4,000 pixels) – truly remarkable progress. Just imagine; with HD resolution (720 pixels) or UHD (1080 pixels) only, the displayed video have been alreay so clear. So with 4K resolution – a video produced will be cleaner and sharper as crystal clear…!

Remote Control

Remote Control | From Drone

Remote control function for controlling the movement Drone start of the takeoff, in flight, and landing. Some of remote controls can be connect to Gadget (Smartphone, Tablet, Computer); then all the pictures out of the camera will be displayed in a “live view” or realtime. In fact all of the camera controls still photography and videography all can be controlled and commanded from a remote control itself or your gadget.

Practice… Practice… and Practive….!

Practice… Practice… Practice… | From Drone

I’m still learning and get familiar how to take good composition aerial pictures, either Landscape, Architecture, or urban. Currently, there are more important than photography or videography, that is how I can get used to and skilled in manuevering Drone while flying; for example, the movement of “difficult” as flying arround of objects (orbital), or track down in narrow river or slope, movement up or down while rotating (yo-yo), and others.

Having fun

In the meantime, I am still enjoying my Drone with simple movements. There are several stages before you fly the drone and must be thorough and get patient. Do it slowly and carefully. When the first fly, I hit a wall of my house and had also fallen because snagged kite string.

I may to write easy guide once I use to fly with my Drone, of course I will share in my next blog posts. Below is my video of Plaosan Temple, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Happy Dronie,
Sad Agus
DJI Phantom 3 Professional


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