Aerial Photography & Videography with Drone

My House from the air | From Drone

Several years ago, I was amazed and flabbergasted that someone who can shoot of Prambanan temple, tall buildings in Jakarta city from the air. Looked absolutely stunning; perhaps this is because we rarely see the appearance of the land, another object within a relatively close distance. I desire to know more about the aerial photography, led to the unmanned aircraft equipment, which is often called “Drone”. keep on reading

Industrial Photography

From Landscape

My job this time is to supervise and conduct observations of sediment layers containing oil on drilling rig in the coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Drilling oil wells is an important thing for the company I work for, because drilling is to know the content of the oil in the reservoir section the other side. Even platform to suck oil out to surface have been installed and are being prepared. keep on reading