I am with NIKON D800

Nikon D800

Beginning in 2012, marked the success of Nikon camera products with the launch of its new DSLR Nikon D800. This camera is a lot of surprise and provide news to the world of photography, Nikon the DLSR camera, the giant camera company, which since expanded digital world; launching of a Nikon D800 with 36 megapixel full frame specification, included 1080p 30fps Videography. Nikon as a world-class DLSR camera manufacturer, which has always maintained a low megapixels while keeping the high IQ (Image Quality) and low noise which, rather it began to wake up and realize the importance of the number of pixels for the “High Quality Printing” consumer, and were able to get the alternative positions of “Medium Format” photography; distinguished relatively high prices once the camera is still, to this time could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. keep on reading