Travel to KL & Labuan

PETRONAS Twin Tower, year 2012.

Several times I had been travel to Kuala Lumpur, for the second time tonight I can take pictures around the Petronas Twin Tower building. My departure to Malaysia this time in order HSE & Leadership meeting for a client of a Swedish oil company, which operates in Malaysia. Set out with fellow professionals from Yogyakarta. Set out by bringing two cameras: one normal and one camera infrared camera, three lenses are: 16mm Fisheye, Ultra Wide Angle 14-24mm and 50mm Normal. Unfortunately due to limited time, so I didnt use the infrared camera. keep on reading

Days off & Photography in 2012

This year my job in drilling project began in June. During six months, since December last year until May this year I do not have to work and get days off. Therefore the only activities I like to do is photography around the city of Yogyakarta. However, there are many objects of natural landscapes and temples which I have not shot.

After taking photographs of landscapes, there are many things in photography that I have to improve it. I feel very stupid, though I have a good camera body, equipped with fast lenses and other accessories that are sufficient for landscaper; but the results of my camera shot is far from exceptional photo landscape.
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Yogyakarta Infrared Assignment

Becak | From Yogya IR

Starting from his own try to clean my DSLR camera sensor which is normal, it has failed; even after trying all night and many times. In fact, the results are sensors getting dirty …! Aaaargh … I have to take it to Mr. Tumijo, Bantul. He has Camera & Lens Service Center for most of photographers from Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

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Shot with iPhone4

iPhone4 | From Picasa blog |

I never again carry my DSLR camera while working on offshore platforms, since I had the experience of water vapor on the inside of the lens and camera body like a mirror and sensor. The water vapor sticking and causing patches of dirt due to condensation on the cold AC room accommodation after the camera was taken out of the room.
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Photo Gear

Camera Body

Nikon FM2
Nikon FM2 is a film camera and is the first camera that I bought in the area of ​​Jl. Sabang, Jakarta. Some results from the photos of my children produced from the camera shots. I still have this camera and I love it. Exceptional results when combined with lens Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 manual focus and Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.5. Web page Nikon SLR cameras still have this camera specification; as products not manufactured anymore. This camera is the first SLR camera with shutter speed up to 1/4000s, you may Click here for history of Nikon FM2.

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